What is I WILL GO mission initiative?

The I Will Go mission initiative is based on the submissive answer, “Here am I. Send me!” (Isaiah 6:8), to the inquiry, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for Us?” It is an evangelistic plan and mission that encourages and prepares all members to go out to the world, participate in mission work with joy, and use their spiritual gifts that God has given in witnessing and serving Christ.

This mission initiative refers to the newly adopted strategy plan by the General Conference in this session (2021-2025) in connection with the “REACH the WORLD” which was the last session’s (2015-2020) mission strategy. It is a tool for evaluating activities made by the General Conference based on various surveys and statistical data derived from long-term enquiries of 63,756 Adventists in 13 Divisions around the world.

The initiative is not just a new program but aims to train and encourage all Adventists to use their spiritual gifts to preach the eternal gospel to the world and to live a life of service and witness.

There are 10 objectives and 59 Key Performance Indicators in three categories of the I Will Go initiative. The Northern Asia Pacific Division added 12 additional Key Performance Indicators to make up a total of 71. The Korean Union Conference has compiled these Key Performance Indicators into 48. The work of the Holy Spirit is an essential element in achieving every part of this mission strategy.

■ Three Key Categories

The three key categories are Mission, Spiritual Growth, and Leadership.

■ Objective

The ten objectives are to set a practical direction on what to do based on the three key categories.

The ten objectives include four in mission, three in spiritual growth, and three in leadership.

■ Key Performance Indicators

The Key Performance Indicators(KPIs) are the specific implement indicators to actualize the 10 objectives.

The Key Performance Indicators have been set according to each objective and there are a total of 48 KPIs.

Categorization by KPI

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